Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Do We Stretch in the Morning?

Published on Jun 28, 2016 SciShow

"Humans (and our pets) frequently instinctively stretch as soon as we wake up. But why? What is happening in our bodies when we stretch and yawn to wake ourselves up?

Hosted by: Hank Green"

The Seattle Barkery - First Food Truck for Dogs

via lifewithdogs.tv where there's video.

"The Seattle Barkery is a new mobile café for dogs. Everything they make and serve is aimed towards giving dogs a similar freedom of choice like we as humans have. For their furry, four legged customers, they have everything from bacon cupcakes and peanut butter pumpkin pretzels, to chicken feet and duck necks."

Stringless Yo-Yo!

Published on Jun 28, 2016 Veritasium

"How can you Yo-Yo without the string attached?"

Where Do Galaxies Come From?

Published on Jun 28, 2016 MinutePhysics

"Thanks to the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope for supporting this video! In particular, thanks to Dan Coe of STScI for taking the time to chat with me about what we do and don’t know about baby galaxies and how they're born."

Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Octopuses Are Ridiculously Smart

Published on Jun 27, 2016 SciShow

"Octopuses are smart! They play with toys, pull off daring escapes, and are masters of disguise. But they're also smart in a lot of ways that the human mind probably can't comprehend. For example, they basically have independent brains in their arms! Press play to learn way more!

Hosted by: Hank Green"

Shrinking paper money with ammonia

Published on May 6, 2015 Applied Science

Sunday, June 19, 2016

10 Strange-Looking Prehistoric Animals

Published on Jun 19, 2016 SciShow

"Take a close look at some of the strangest-looking animals evolution has created.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda"

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hambone Kneeslap

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2007 vidge123

"This amazing Hambone performance by Samuel Hicks starts out at a normal pace and then increases in tempo to a blazing finish. Shot in North Carolina back in early 1990's while visiting my brother. Enjoy

Here are the words as requested by many viewers:
Hambone, hambone where ya been? Been around the world and back again. Whatcha ya gonna do when you get back?, take a little walk on the railroad track, hambone, hambone. Hambone walk, hambone talk, hambone eat with a shovel and a fork, hambone, hambone.

(you can also say...'Been around the world and goin' again')"

Thursday, June 16, 2016

World's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds

Published on Feb 5, 2014 VideoCollectables

"From the time capsule: John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talking man sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds (1987).

Reporter - Marcus Jones"