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Scientists reveal world's first ever completely intact T-Rex skeleton

Daily Mail

"The Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops Horridus - nicknamed the 'Dueling Dinosaurs' - are preserved together in what is thought to be a predator-prey encounter, where both fought to the death. Body outlines, skin impressions and injuries - including tyrannosaur teeth stuck in the triceratops body - can still be seen 67 million years after the ferocious battle. Each of the remains have only been seen by only a few dozen people since they were discovered in 2006 in Montana, US, by professional fossil hunters. It took years to extract the 14-ton skeletons and arrange their purchase, by the non-profit Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for an undisclosed sum. The group has donated them to North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is due to start building a dedicated exhibition for them next year.

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Warhawk [C64] music on TI-82 Calculator - HoustonTracker 2


This one is in via @tubesockor

"This is a TI-82 remake of the Commodore 64 soundtrack for the game Warhawk, originally composed by Rob Hubbard in 1986. It is programmed down to the deepest details on a Texas Instruments TI-82 graphing calculator using “HoustonTracker 2”.
I start with a tech dive into how sound is generated on Commodore 64 and the TI calculator (which doesn’t have a sound chip) as well as 1-bit music in general. Then the song appears, including a custom-written visualiser that I made.

0:00 Welcome
0:20 Commodore 64 & SID
0:58 Texas Instruments TI-82
1:27 1-bit audio on TI-82
2:04 Pulse Interleaving
2:57 HoustonTracker 2 overview
3:47 Warhawk background
4:08 HoustonTracker 2 startup on TI-82
5:58 Warhawk performed on TI-82


Warhawk on C64 by Rob Hubbard:

C64 Rob Hubbards "Warhawk" Oscilloscope View

Unknown Planet by John Keating:

John Keating - The Unknown Planet - Space Experience - Studio 2 Stereo

Autotuned Cat Fight


"Hey guys! I made this video with Melodyne Autotune. I'm trying to show that cats have a very distinctive language that uses tone, rhythm and tempo to define what they're trying to say. Putting their growls, meows and hisses in an autotuner is bringing their musical language to life, and Im proud of the work we've been doing!!

These 2 cats are autotuned and fighting with each other in E Flat."

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SNL Biden Victory

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies

via NASA

"Explanation: These are galaxies of the Hercules Cluster, an archipelago of island universes a mere 500 million light-years away. Also known as Abell 2151, this cluster is loaded with gas and dust rich, star-forming spiral galaxies but has relatively few elliptical galaxies, which lack gas and dust and the associated newborn stars. The colors in this deep composite image clearly show the star forming galaxies with a blue tint and galaxies with older stellar populations with a yellowish cast. The sharp picture spans about 1/2 degree across the cluster center, corresponding to over 4 million light-years at the cluster's estimated distance. Diffraction spikes around brighter foreground stars in our own Milky Way galaxy are produced by the imaging telescope's mirror support vanes. In the cosmic vista many galaxies seem to be colliding or merging while others seem distorted - clear evidence that cluster galaxies commonly interact. In fact, the Hercules Cluster itself may be seen as the result of ongoing mergers of smaller galaxy clusters and is thought to be similar to young galaxy clusters in the much more distant, early Universe."

Monday, November 2, 2020

What if a US presidential candidate refuses to concede after an election? | Van Jones


Saved by the Whales Tail

"A metro train that overran the stop blocks at a station outside Rotterdam has been left balancing 10 metres above ground on the plastic tail of a whale sculpture. The metro driver was reportedly able to free himself from the train without injury after the incident shortly after midnight on Monday morning. There were no passengers onboard."

How a Pinball Machine works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys