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Our Rotating Earth

via APOD

"Explanation: Has your world ever turned upside-down? It would happen every day if you stay fixed to the stars. Most time-lapse videos of the night sky show the stars and sky moving above a steady Earth. Here, however, the camera has been forced to rotate so that the stars remain fixed, and the Earth rotates around them. The movie, with each hour is compressed to a second, dramatically demonstrates the daily rotation of the Earth, called diurnal motion. The video begins by showing an open field in Namibia, Africa, on a clear day, last year. Shadows shift as the Earth turns, the shadow of the Earth rises into the sky, the Belt of Venus momentarily appears, and then day turns into night. The majestic band of our Milky Way Galaxy stretches across the night sky, while sunlight-reflecting, Earth-orbiting satellites zoom by. In the night sky, you can even spot the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. The video shows a sky visible from Earth's Southern Hemisphere, but a similar video could be made for every middle latitude on our blue planet."

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Tiny Chess Set

Monday, June 8, 2020

Africa by Toto on Musical Tesla Coils

Franzoli Electronics

"For those who did not understand what is going on this video, here's a brief explanation: The main loud music really comes from the tesla coil sparks. They are literally playing the music due to the programmed phase, pulse width and firing frequency! So, there are no speakers, no audio / video special effects. It looks even better in person and sounds almost the same, just without the beat / percussion backing track.

I hope you all enjoy this version where I worked for musical tesla coils!"

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Landslide into the Sea Norway

Incredible huge landslide. Houses floating into the sea. (Alta, Norway)

Paperback Writer

Published on Jun 5, 2020 The Beatles

"#OTD The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show in a pre-recorded video filmed in Abbey Road Studios"